The Samurai


On the edge of a dark forest, where the fear of wolves prevents locals from straying too far from home, a young police officer, Jakob receives a package addressed to the ‘Lone Wolf’. As the night shift starts a mysterious caller claims the package belongs to him.
Venturing out alone, Jakob unknowingly delivers a samurai sword to a wild-eyed man in a wedding dress, who entices him to participate in a bloody crusade through the village.
As night wanes something hidden is unleashed to meet the first rays of daylight…
Till Kleinert’s genre debut pulsates with relentless intensity, The Samurai is a daring, outrageous and fascinating journey into the sexual heart of darkness.

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DVD Release date: 13-04-2015
Director: Till Kleinert
Cert: 15
Language: German
Cast: Pit Bukowski, Michel Diercks


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“Der Samurai is an experience I personally will not forget. It is absolutely gripping, tense, playful, knowing, explosive, extravagant, irreverent, surreal and yet indefinable. As a work of pure sensation, a film that is dynamic in a way that only the master works of genre cinema can truly conjure; Der Samurai is nothing short of a classic in the making. Emotive and fierce, in my opinion, Der Samurai is the film of the festival, and will go down as a cult classic of this generation.”


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“The Samurai is a bold piece of film making from Germany and one that should be embraced by those looking for something more to their bloody action.”


“A queer retelling of the werewolf myth, The Samurai reveals the dark side of a character who comes out in the light of the full moon wearing women’s clothing rather than an animal’s skin.”
-Anton Bitel Grolsch Film Works

“The gloriously offbeat The Samurai (Till Kleinert), which examines small town life in Germany in a style that partly recalls Gregg Araki, if he directed a psycho-killer movie steeped in metaphor and drenched in blood.”
-Flicks And The City



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